Exclusive Insights: Zuster x Elenberg Fraser

Exclusive Insights: Zuster x Elenberg Fraser

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Zuster's Inspiring Collaboration with Elenberg Fraser




October 24, 2023

In the world of architecture and interior design, every project is an opportunity to weave creativity into reality. It's about creating spaces that inspire, transform, and leave an indelible mark. At Zuster Furniture, we understand this innate drive for excellence. It's with great pride that we share our journey in collaborating with Elenberg Fraser on a transformative project for Slattery - A leader in property and construction advisory services.

/ Elenberg Fraser's Vision for a Dynamic Workspace

Elenberg Fraser recently unveiled their masterful renovation of the Melbourne office, nestled within the elegant Queen and Collins Tower. Their vision was to craft a workspace that was not just sophisticated but also adaptable, a place that would nurture learning, concentration, teamwork, and social interactions. To breathe life into this vision, they turned to Zuster Furniture.


/ The Art of Customisation

At Zuster Furniture, we cherish the art of customization. Each project is a canvas for our craftsmanship, and the collaboration with Slattery was no exception. Our journey began with a clear focus – to create a custom boardroom table that would not only meet but exceed Slattery's unique needs.



/ The Jewel Boardroom Table: A Masterpiece of Form and Functionality

The Jewel boardroom table, the centrepiece of this project, stretched an impressive six meters, elegantly supported by three robust bases flaunting Zuster's iconic curved dowel-detail. The choice of Mink timber stain for its finish was deliberate, offering a striking complement to the oval-shaped Azul Bahia Blue quartz inlay that graced the center of the table. To add a touch of opulence, the marble was lined with brass trim. But this table was more than a visual delight; it was a harmonious blend of form and functionality as data boxes were seamlessly integrated.




/ Crafting Excellence in Custom Sofas

Our commitment to excellence extended beyond the boardroom table. Zuster's upholstery team was dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. Crafting prototypes, they left no stone unturned to ensure the final product met the highest standards. Central to this creative process was the use of our signature ribbon stitch fabric, where each pattern alignment on every axis was meticulously considered. The result was a visually striking and cohesive look that enhanced the overall aesthetics of the workspace.


/ A Journey Towards Creative Excellence

As Zuster Furniture, we are delighted to have been part of this transformative journey with Elenberg Fraser. It's projects like this that inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and design. We invite you to explore the limitless possibilities that creative excellence offers.


/ Connect with Zuster Furniture

If you have any questions or would like further information about this remarkable project, or if you're interested in similar bespoke creations for your own designs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your vision can be our next masterpiece. Step into the world of inspired craftsmanship, where every detail matters and creativity knows no bounds.

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