Introducing Undermount Vanities

Introducing Undermount Vanities

November 15th, 2023



For the First time Ever; Issy By Zuster unveils a defining moment in luxury bathroom design with the introduction of the exclusive Adorn Collection. Breaking away from convention, this collection proudly features an under-mount vanity for the first time, redefining the standards of sophistication. However, still offering an array of basin options—above counter, semi inset, and under-mount—the Adorn Collection goes beyond, boasting enhanced depth and height to the norm which elevates the entire range to unprecedented levels.



Immerse yourself in the epitome of tailored luxury, where each piece in the Adorn range becomes a canvas for customization. Tailored to the unique tastes and preferences of the discerning few, this collection transcends the ordinary to celebrate the art of design.

The essence of the Adorn range lies in providing clients with unparalleled design capabilities. From the initial consultation with a Reece consultant, embark on a journey where you can meticulously choose the size of your vanity, the basin type (above counter, semi inset, or undermount), door and drawer options, one of five handle designs, and the preference for wall or bench-mounted tapware. Indulge in sophistication with a selection of six timber stain finishes, and finalize your design journey by choosing from five exquisite Corian top finishes.

This is more than a bathroom transformation; it's a celebration of individuality and refined taste. Issy By Zuster ensures that each piece in the Adorn range is a unique expression of personal style, embracing luxury.

Step into the world of Adorn by Issy By Zuster and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury. It's not just a space; it's a narrative of sophistication and distinction. With Adorn, immerse yourself in the love and artistry of the design process, making choices that reflect your discerning taste. Experience the joy of being a part of the exclusive design journey that goes beyond mere commodity, embracing the true essence of luxury.





Designed and crafted in Melbourne, it symbolises an unwavering commitment to supporting locally made Australian products at the highest echelon of quality. Choose Adorn by Issy By Zuster—an exquisite blend of innovation, luxury, and the art of Australian craftsmanship.


In a market where uniqueness is rare, the Adorn Collection stands out as a testament to unrivaled luxury.




Head into your nearest Reece store to explore and experience the new collection! Immerse yourself in our interactive displays

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