Zuster is Dutch for sister. In design terms, Zuster symbolises a legacy of quality Australian design and craftsmanship that embraces five generations of Dutch family heritage. Today, sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel draw on Zuster’s hand-crafting expertise to forge a signature approach that is distinctive in its beauty and refinement. 

Exceptional craftsmanship combined with bespoke detailing and intuitive function infuses the Zuster collection with provenance and heirloom appeal. Drawing on the sisters’ shared passion for fashion, art and furniture, Zuster’s furniture and homewares collection is notable for its exquisite detailing and refined finishing. Each piece is a statement in its own right, designed to enrich and elevate your home spaces, and become part of your family history.

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At the heart of the Zuster Collection is the hand. Pieces are individually crafted by Zuster’s expert cabinet makers, and shaped by the creative vision of Zuster Design Director Wilhelmina McCarroll.

Zuster’s experienced design and sales staff work with you to select your perfect piece and personalise this to your style and needs. Your bespoke order is drawn up in CAD for your approval. It is then passed to Zuster’s highly skilled craftspeople who form each piece by hand, from start to finish.

Provenance is bestowed through a lifetime of making and a passion for the finer details. Only the highest quality timber is used, and a durable long-lasting finish applied. Grain is matched down to the millimetre and timber cut to flow seamlessly. Each piece emerges perfectly balanced and flawlessly aligned.

Bespoke statements are made through your choice of size, finish, base, handles, and drawers or doors. A range of eight finishes in American oak with optional stone top allows you to match your piece to your style and space. Doors and drawers are embellished with your choice of hand-blown glass, timber, stone, crystal and brass handle options.

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Timber — High quality timber is a key part of many of our pieces. To keep it looking immaculate we recommend using Zuster microfibre cloths (or similar) as follows:
1. Wipe down with the charcoal Zuster microfibre cloth enclosed, dampened with slightly soapy water.

2. Dry with the white Zuster microfibre cloth.
Some popular cleaning products contain silicone or ammonia; avoid these as they can soften our timber’s special coating. Over time this can give it a cloudy appearance, concealing the beautiful grain of our wood.
Brass — To keep brass looking beautiful, just wipe it regularly with a clean, soft cloth. To remove any discoloration, for example marks caused by fingerprints, use a specialist polish like Brasso and just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Marble — Marble is a naturally beautiful form of limestone. Like all limestone it’s slightly porous, so wipe up spills immediately and ensure no liquids are left to sit on marble for any length of time. That’s particularly true of things like coffee or red wine.
Fabric — Gently vacuum all your Zuster furniture fabrics on a regular basis to remove dust and keep them looking gorgeous.
Leather — As well as being tactile and appealing, leather is also incredibly durable, so a gentle wipe down with a clean, damp cloth should take care of most marks. For serious stains or to repair damage, speak to a leather repair specialist.

Moisture — The timber parts of our furniture are finished with a high-tech, hardwearing lacquer that can easily handle the occasional spill. Despite this advanced protection, long-term exposure to excessive moisture – for example in a damp environment – may cause problems. To avoid this always place your Zuster items in a dry location.
Water — Do not leave water or liquid sitting on the timber surface for any length of time. As with moisture, always clean up liquid spills immediately to ensure the liquid does not weaken the surface finish. Do not leave pot plants directly on the timber surface, as additional water can seep into the timber finish.
Coasters — Always use coasters and placemats when placing hot and cold cups, saucers and plates onto the timber or marble surface. Do not drag boxes or heavy objects across the timber surface, as the protective finish may scratch.
Moving furniture — Lift our furniture from the corners whenever possible. When lifting our beds, never lift using the side rails as they could separate from the bedhead and foot.
Please take care when moving your Zuster furniture to avoid scraping or knocking against walls, floors or fixtures. We suggest that you never move furniture alone, and when you do move items, always bend from your knees – not with your back.
Heat — Avoid placing hot dishes or cups directly on Zuster furniture as the heat can mark timber surfaces. Instead we recommend always using heat resistant placemats or coasters. We also recommend you move these periodically to avoid ‘shadows’ forming beneath them due to the bleaching effect that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause.
Sunlight — Zuster furniture is finished with an innovative ultra violet light protector that greatly reduces discolouration that can occur from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. However to avoid any problems we recommend always keeping our furniture out of direct sunlight.
As with any piece of fine furniture, our products are susceptible to extremes of temperature, so please keep your Zuster items away from heating or cooling vents, gas, oil or electrical heaters, fire places or hot electrical appliances such as dryers, kettles or washing machines.


All Zuster items purchased after January 2009 are covered by our five-year warranty, subject to Zuster’s General Terms and Conditions of Trade. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects, with the following exclusions:
— Faulty materials, fabrics, hardware and/or components procured from third party suppliers. In the case of faulty raw materials, Zuster will seek compensation or replacement by the supplier.
— Products that have been damaged in transit, misused and/or exposed to extreme conditions (including prolonged exposure to direct sunlight).
— Furniture exposed to excess wear and tear, scratches, burns and/or breakage of glass. Similarly, damage caused by inappropriate use of cleaning products is not included.
— Damage to third party property, any removal and/or installation expenses associated with any claim, and transport or freight expenses associated with any claim.
In the very unlikely event that you have a problem with your Zuster purchase, please contact our Zuster HQ directly on 03 9465 4700. We will require you to submit photos, together with evidence of the purchase. Zuster reserves the right to investigate all claims in order to access the nature and cause of any alleged fault.
Based on Zuster’s assessment, Zuster shall have sole discretion in determining an appropriate level of compensation. Zuster’s Terms and Conditions prevail to the extent of any inconsistency with the Zuster warranty.