BE INSPIRED: Find your bedroom sanctuary...

BE INSPIRED: Find your bedroom sanctuary...

Did you know we spend one-third of our lives in our bedrooms? It’s the space where we rest, recharge, collect our thoughts and take time to prepare for our day ahead. Whilst we spend most of our time here when in our homes, our bedroom sanctuary is also often the last place we style or decorate. Not only does it feel good to be in a space that is aesthetically pleasing—creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in our bedrooms is crucial for our overall well-being.

Your bedroom sanctuary should be a reflection of your personality and a space where you can really unwind and feel most relaxed. By decluttering, choosing soothing colors, investing in comfortable bedding, incorporating nature-inspired elements, and personalising with meaningful touches, you can transform your bedroom into your very own haven. Embrace the power of creating a personal sanctuary and let your bedroom become the ultimate escape from the outside world.

Made for you is the Zuster signature, allowing you to customise your piece to suit your space from size and timber finish to personalising each luxury.
We welcome you to our Hawthorn showroom for a tailored styling experience with our in-house Interior Stylists.

Find us at 33 Church Street, Hawthorn Victoria 3122.
Alternatively, you can reach us at or on 03 9852 8410.

Photographer // Mike Baker @mikebakerphotographer
Stylist // Heather Nette King @heathernetteking

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