Designer Picks: Bedsides

Designer Picks: Bedsides

February 5th, 2024
Struggling to select the perfect bedside companion for your bedroom? Fear not, because we've got just what you need!
We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our Design Director, Wilhelmina McCarroll, to uncover her top picks for bedside tables and why they stand out from the rest.
Whether your bedroom is spacious or cozy, our collection has something for everyone. While our designs come in standard sizes, we pride ourselves on offering customisation options to suit any space. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and using only the finest materials, our bespoke pieces are not just made for you, but designed with your needs in mind.



Each bedside table is envisioned by Willy as more than just furniture; it's an integral part of the room's narrative, adding flair without overpowering the space. After all, your bedroom should be a sanctuary – a comfortable and stylish retreat uniquely yours.

"I always pay a great deal of time and attention to the design details of the unit. In the same way of putting a great outfit together the handles then become the accessories of the piece like a beautiful piece of jewllery or belt….boom sophistication!"



So, without further ado, let's dive into Wilhelmia's curated selection of bedside beauties:


Part of our latest collection, Adorn. this Marigold bedside table is all about the details. Willy adores its functional two-drawer design, sturdy build, and the delicate craftsmanship of the soft, fluted handle. It's like adding the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble – a finishing touch that elevates the entire look.



A nod to traditional wainscoting, the Victoria bedside seamlessly blends classic charm with modern sensibilities. Originally designed for the Portarlington Grand Hotel, it quickly found a place in our permanent collection thanks to its timeless appeal. With its intricate pattern motif, blending timber and marble, this bedside is a testament to Zuster's prowess in merging the best of both worlds.




Feminine yet edgy, the Bloom bedside is a study in intricate design. From its slender legs to its finely detailed handles, every aspect exudes elegance. The addition of leather inlays adds a luxurious touch, elevating this bedside to a league of its own.



In Willy's eyes, these bedsides aren't just furniture – they're expressions of style and personality, each contributing to the story of your bedroom. So, whether you're drawn to modern simplicity or timeless elegance, rest assured, we've got the perfect bedside companion for you.

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