Adorn Maxima Dining Table

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Designed and Handcrafted in Melbourne

Timber Finish Limed Oak

Explore the craftsmanship of the Adorn Maxima Dining Table, expertly handcrafted in Solid American oak. Each leg is adorned with unique timber patterns and details, adding a touch of sophistication to any dining space.

"With Adorn, Wilhelmina McCarroll, our Design Director, seamlessly blends her passion for fashion and jewellery into furniture design. Drawing inspiration from ruffled fabric details, covered buttons, and delicate brooches, each piece exudes elegance reminiscent of fine jewellery, elevating both form and function."

Dimensions & Price:

  • MAX200A 2400 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)
  • MAX200B 2700 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)
  • MAX200C 3000 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)
  • MAX200D 3600 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)


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Finishes & Fabrics

design intent

"With every piece, a tale of creativity unfolds, a narrative that showcases Zuster's deep-rooted passion for crafting luxurious, handcrafted Australian-made furniture and an unwavering commitment to sustainability with locally sourced materials."

Wilhelmina McCarroll.