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Marble Lazy Susan 400 dia, Silver Wave- MARBLE SALE


Marble Lazy Susan, with American Oak sub straight and lazy Susan base for 360 degree movement. 

Marble available is Factory Seconds.

Timber base is in Mink. Please contact us directly to request an alternative timber finish.

Dimensions & Price:

  • LAZYA 400 dia x 48 high (mm)
  • WAS $420
    NOW $210

Marble Notes 

1. Small chips & blemishes
2. Fine scratches, mark on edge
3. Small crack, fine scratches
4. Fine scratches
5. Fine scratches, mini chip
7. Fine scratches

Sold as is, no exchange or refund.

Lead Time 

Lead time is approx. 2 -4 weeks. Limited stock available for pre-Christmas delivery. 


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