Zuster furniture is designed for its timeless beauty and quality.

As part of our continued service we would like to offer the following care instructions to ensure your furniture stays looking great well into the future.


Zuster advises the use of a water based cleaning agent.

Some popular cleaning products contain silicone or ammonia; these products are best avoided as they can soften the coating giving it a cloudy appearance over time.

Zuster recommends using the Zuster Clean product.

As manufacturers of contemporary, designer furniture we set out to develop the best cleaning solution for our furniture and have developed a completely natural aromatherapy homecare range that is suitable for all household finishes including timber, laminate, granite or stone, tiles and stainless steel.

Zuster Clean is water based with a selection of pure essential oils.

The essential oils have been chosen for their beautiful aroma and natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Zuster Clean can be purchased directly from our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms or online.

Please Contact Us if you would like more information on Zuster Clean.

Direct Sunlight

Zuster furniture is finished with an ultra violet light protector during the spray painting process, which greatly reduces the discolouration that can occur in direct sunlight.

However excessive direct sunlight may cause the timber to deepen over time and we do not recommend placing our furniture in direct sunlight.


Avoid placing hot dishes or coffee cups directly on Zuster furniture.

Hot plates and cups can burn timber surfaces and coffee and tea can also discolour timber.

Zuster advise that you use heat resistant place mats or coasters.

We also advise that coasters and decorator items are periodically moved to avoid shadows.

Zuster furniture should not be positioned over heating or cooling vents, in front of gas, oil or electrical heaters, open fire places or next to hot electrical appliances such as dryers, kettles or washing machines.


All Zuster furniture items are finishes in a superior, hard wearing lacquer system and will take the occasional spill, however excessive moisture left over time may cause damage to the timber.

If you have a household problem of ‘rising damp’ this may also affect your furniture.

Moving Furniture

Please take care when moving all furniture and avoid any scraping or knocking against walls, floors or fixtures.

We suggest that you never move furniture alone and bend the knees when lifting.

When lifting our beds do not lift from the side rails as they could come apart from the bedhead and the foot.

It is always advised to lift furniture as close to the corners as possible.

Thank You

We would like to thank you for choosing Zuster furniture.

If you have any further queries regarding the care of your furniture please contact us.