Zuster launch Tapestry Buffet

As we embark on a new decade, we reflect on our past 25 years in business, and appreciate how our designs and craftsmanship have evolved over this time. We are super proud to continue to manufacture hand crafted furniture, with every piece, designed by one of the Zuster sisters, Wilhelmina McCarroll, locally manufactured in our facility in Melbourne, Australia. 

We believe the Tapestry Buffet elevates our design to a new level, supported by hand crafted expertise in shape, form and finish. The buffet is raised off the ground with hoof like feet, sitting proud from the carcass inspired, of course, by Wilhelmina's love of horse riding. The handle is decorated with a series of solid brass shapes, in a tapestry pattern, recessed flush into the American Oak solid handle, finished in our Mink stain.  

" The idea for the Tapestry Collection began with investigations into patterning in brickwork, before I came to the art of tribal dance artwork,” says Ms McCarroll. “I realised that almost everyone I saw carried their heritage of some kind with them and I began to experiment with the idea of decorating  timber – imprinting the pattern onto the timber’s surface in a permanent and decorative way.”

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