Zuster Fabrics

Zuster is thrilled to launch our signature Zuster upholstery and fabric options. Working with three specialist facilities we’ve developed an exquisite range of upholstery and fabrics that can be applied to select Zuster furniture pieces, all seating and our ever-popular range of cushions.

The addition of bespoke upholstery and fabric options brings our in-house design process full circle, allowing us to be involved in every facet of design and finishing on your bespoke Zuster pieces.

Upholstery and fabrics will be updated seasonally, with the debut winter range putting an emphasis on heavy, textured fabrics and luxe velvets in deep burnt oranges and navies, as well as delicious olive greens.

You can preview our stunning upholstery and fabric options on Zuster’s new Contour collection. Here, the heavy textures and rich velvets beautifully complement the luxurious beauty of crafted timber. Or select from our range of cushions – a wonderful way to revitalise your home spaces with a touch of Zuster flair.

Browse Zuster’s new upholstery and fabric options, click here.


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