Zuster Presents the Embellish Collection

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Zuster is excited to present Embellish, an all new furniture collection that captures the essence of luxury hotel living.

As Zuster’s first dedicated hospitality furniture range, Embellish brings the signature Zuster experience to luxury lifestyle, leisure and corporate environments. The collection takes its cues from the fashion runways drawing on couture-like details to create bespoke furniture pieces for high end hotels, premium corporate and executive suites, and formal living quarters.

“Embellish conjures that luxe hotel feel, moving away from a purely minimalist design language to embrace the elegant refinement and fine detailing of an embellished life,” said Zuster Designer/Director Wilhelmina McCarroll. "I looked to high fashion to find that perfect balance between pared back elegance and exquisite adornment. Tempering dark, moody simplicity with lightly embellished touches of gold, textured quilting, and smooth-flowing organic lines.”

From precious metallic studding to hand-hewn glass and stone details, supple leathers and plush velvets, each item within the collection has been conceived as its own piece of art. Inspired by the restrained grandeur of formal dining and sitting rooms.

“With Embellish, we’re excited to bring Zuster’s signature craftsmanship to luxury hotel spaces, formal living quarters and high end corporate environments. With the launch of this collection we’re taking the Zuster experience beyond the living space and into the realm of executive business and luxury travel,” said Zuster Managing Director, Fleur Sibbel.

Designed and hand-crafted by Zuster’s expert cabinet makers, each piece within the Embellish Collection can be tailored to suit both space requirements and design vision. Customers can also hand pick their choice of embellishments with carved stone and hand-blown glass handles in varying finishes, and studding in metallics and matte tones.